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Latest entries

NOVALJA. Two 3-room apartments connected by stairs that can be accessed easily converted into separate apartments ► 145,000 €

A duplex apartment for sale, on the second floor and attic, which can be easily divid…

Selca. Stone house – EUR 100,000

Subject: Stone house – EUR 100,000 For sale an old, beautiful, semi-detached stone house overl…

Stone house on The Island of Brac EUR 155,000

STONE HOUSE ON THE ISLAND OF BRAC! The house is situated on the island of Brac in the…

Real estate

You want to sell your property safely and in a short time. We have professional knowledge in this matter in the implementation of the real estate market in Poland and abroad. We cooperate in the field of real estate in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, at the same time extending the scope of our activity to other European countries.

For Investors

Investing doesn’t have to be difficult or risky. You don’t need a lot of capital. Join us in our group of investors who have already multiplied their capital and are our partners in international business. You start a business, you work hard, and success – there is financial surplus in your business. This is a good sign, especially if you try to multiply the obtained capital even more. Not only business owners but also private individuals with cash capital. There should be no doubts – the sooner we start making investments, the more we can earn.

Business People Community

DBJ Universe is the perfect solution for your company. We not only offer individual support, but also help to establish new perspectives for the development of your own company on the international market. You can discover new possibilities in completely different fields. Our company offers special tools that will help you expand your profits and create space for new horizons of your business. Partners monitoring is one of the areas we deal with is matching a business partner regardless of the plane and nature of your industry, e.g. subcontractors, recipients, suppliers.

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