DBJ universe is an international company operating in the investment sector in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium, constantly expanding to other European Union countries. In this way, we make it possible to invest in profitable projects in different countries. We help sole proprietorships by developing by acquiring external financial capital for them, which will enable further development of their activities. Our experience, knowledge and careful review of the market, which we have obtained by cooperating in Europe with experienced partners in the field of research and analysis of the financial market and international real estate will allow you to reach investment opportunities that will give you the opportunity to safely and profitably allocate the right capital. By investing abroad, we change the perspective of our clients, enabling them to move to a higher level of their business, supporting them with foreign investors, at the same time we ensure our investors gain a lasting influence on the management of their activities and achieve profits on this account, which are expected by comprehensive legal services provided by our lawyers in each country on which we operate will allow us to fully secure the capital of our investors. What do you gain by working with us:

  • If you are looking for investment opportunities, you should definitely be interested in working with our company. For many companies, foreign expansion is a natural stage in their development. Often, after achieving success in the domestic market, an appetite for more appears,
  • Sometimes it also happens that the domestic market becomes too small to ensure the company’s further stable growth. By deciding to go beyond the borders of the home country, our clients open up opportunities related to, among others, with access to a new sales market and the associated increase in revenues,
  • Another reason that convinces to start cooperation with our company is expansion, the desire to gain access to resources. And it concerns both material resources, e.g. raw materials, new production lines, warehouses, and the purchase of real estate. In this context, foreign direct investment facilitates technology transfer, fosters human capital development and international trade integration, and helps create a more competitive business environment.

Our partners who would like to expand their business abroad have at their disposal a wide range of investors as well as investments accelerating business development to increase its scale and multiply the current income.

Thanks to us, you get:

  • building a strategy for entering the international arena,
  • experience in contacts with foreign shareholders, partners and contractors,
  • acquiring knowledge about the preferences of foreign customers,
  • improvement of products and production processes.