The most important goal of DBJ Universe is to help entrepreneurs develop their goals, regardless of whether it is the development of the company, overcoming financial and legal problems or finding an investor to sell the business. Our ranks include specialists in the field of finance, law, domestic and international market marketing. The entire action plan is supervised by a Project Manager who approaches each client individually, and the model of our work can be compared to a consulting and executive agency.

  • Do you have an idea for a business, but you do not know how to obtain financing? Are you looking for a strategic investor? Do you already run a company and need funds to accelerate its development? We will help with finding the right investor for the implementation and expansion of new business plans with the simultaneous expansion of your company to the foreign market. Our mission is to help you implement your plans and projects on the European market. We represent business people who are our partners. We create a space where the owners of the company and the best-suited investors who meet the assumed criteria meet. Putting in every transaction process to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk of our clients. The most important goal on our part is to find a partner who, like the existing owners, will strive to continuously build value and dynamically develop the company. DBJ Universe is a company with experience with a base of thousands of contractors and private investors in the country and abroad, ensuring security, legal and financial support by acquiring an appropriate business partner who will be able to expand your company’s operations to the area outside the borders country. Each project related to economic activity, each investment is given a financial assessment. We use our extensive international network in the process of raising capital contacts. Thanks to this, we quickly reach the right people who show interest in the investment. Our consulting in the process of acquiring a business partner is comprehensive means that we will monitor the course of the transaction all the time, starting from complete transaction documentation, legal services, notaries, lawyers and negotiations with investors. We have legal assistance in the territory of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, constantly expanding the scope of cooperation to other European countries. Focusing primarily on the legal security of our business partners in each country. If you are interested in our offer, please select the financing purpose in the form in the contact tab:
  • Debt Refinancing
  • A loan to start.
  • Completion of a commenced investment
  • Sale of shares in companies
  • Real estate purchase
  • Real estate loan
  • Describing the purpose, specification and financing costs that interest you. After getting acquainted with the criteria given to us, we will contact you and provide appropriate explanations, while at the same time preparing a favorable offer based on the collected information, they present a detailed plan for obtaining financing for you. Joining our community is a beginning for you, progress will remain in it and working together will result in success.